in the red records rock gems    Larry Hardy owner of L.A. record company, In The Red, has released the best rock'n'roll in the last decade. Amongst them we have bands like The Reigning Sound, The Black Lips, The Ponys or The Dirtbombs. Thanks to all of these it has become one of the most valuable little unknown independent companies. Though it started off releasing records by garage and punk bands, nowadays their list of artists has grown and now especially focuses on art-rock bands. Larry himself has stated that he sees the label as a place for "rock gems" rather than garage or punk. That is clearly visible in the many bands on their catalogue like The Intellicenge, Country Teasers or the band we interviewed in the last issue, Blank Dogs. And that's not all, it will shortly rerelease double vinyls by The Urinals, The Homosexuals or 100 Flowers and others.

Hardy set up In The Red in 1992 with a single objective in mind: to release a single by the then completely unknown Detroit band The Gories. Ever since, he has maintained the same criteria: to release any interesting records by raw rock'n'roll bands. His like of harsh rock sound comes from his very early days: "When I was young, all my school friends were mad about Kiss. I hated them. I was into the emerging punk scene of the time. That's were all my money went".

In The Red released two other singles before issuing the much sought after The Gories' single Here be The Gories (1991) and what had started out as a hobby soon became a full-time job for Hardy. The label grew overnight. At that time, Memphis band Gibson Brothers were playing in Los Angeles and the head of In The Red wanted to release their single. The band suddenly split up and the former members were soon in touch with Hardy to discuss recording their new records with their new bands. Bands like Blues Explosion, 68 Comeback and Bassholes. He released a whole LP by the Bassholes. Hardy soon after released an album by one of his favourite bands, Cheater Slicks. He had taken the step from recording and releasing singles to doing albums.

This year, Hardy is going to have his hands full. As well as the above mentioned releases, he will also be releasing records by bands long established on the label: The Strange Boys, Kid Congo, Blank Dogs, The Intelligence, Reigning Sound, Thee Oh Sees, Haunted George, TV Ghost, Christmas Island, Vivian Girls, Barbaras and Wounded Lion. So, enough sound to send the volume needle shooting off into red.