audio arkaitz villar


Dirty towels·Discos Fever

Only by looking at the fluorescent cover, we can understand what is inside. Urban sounds, but directed to the dancefloor. This is what Olimpic, this band from Bilbao offers. Eleven songs to the rhythm of a synthesizer and dark 80's pop music. Songs like "Teacher" and "One night at the disco" will help you move around the city at night.



Pong·Bi Batean Diskak / Screaminguy

There is only one project around the world that can get ACDC, Nuevo Catecismo Católico, Eskorbuto and Cancer Moon together. It was created in Mendaro and its name is Munlet. We want to congratulate them for their ability to adapt to the different ways that bands have of understanding and thinking about music. Big songs and bands in big versions. Sonic youth from the Basque Country.



Exposición permanente·Autoekoizpena

This band from Donostia keeps on working on the most personal side of pop music. In their last work, they even jumped onto the dance floor or, while dancing on the dancefloor, they stood on both feet and offered a solid collection of usual songs. These songs are full of everyday life worries and sometimes, they show us the way out. There is still some hope!


Buraka Som Sistema

Sound of kuduro·Fabric/Pias

The songs of this new ep are from last year's "Black Diamond" record. Buraka Som Sistema is a project between Angola and Portugal and that is why they successfully mixed the African strength and the street vitality. These are violent sounds, with no place for jokes that will make you move your body, for sure.


Leda tres

Mis operaciones habituales·Origami Records

The second album of this band from Cadiz is headed in the same direction as the first one: strong pop songs. With these elaborated songs, they ratify their proposal. Songs in Spanish like "Mis operaciones habituales" and "Soy un forzudo antiguo" make them grow strong and offer a sunny trip that never gets burnt.


Pajaro Sunrise

Done/Undone·Lovemonk 2009

Pajaro Sunrise's last work is presented in two parts: Done and Undone. A double cd with 27 songs. Yuri Mendez uses acoustic guitars and soft electronic bases to express his thoughts. These songs composed by himself and with his group, will help us to travel from the skin to the inside of ourselves.