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hunting hide information post    hegoak ebaki banizkio,
nerea izanen zen,
ez zuen aldeginen.
ez zen gehiago txoria izanen
eta nik...
txoria nuen maite


On reaching Ibardin and starting up the hill, we reach the area where the pigeons fly over, known as Txori Lepo (bird's neck). This is where the new information post has been set up at Ibardin. Based on a pigeon shooting post, this singular, beautiful architectural work hangs in the air. The foundations are built on a slope. The parts were assembled in the car park next to it and then raised by a crane and put in place oneby-one.

Clad in wood, the metal nests painted black, the edges of the roof have bare sides, different sized windows..., all of this is used in line with "treehouse" principles, a spontaneous, attractive type of architecture. It is appropriate to its surroundings both in formal and in conceptual terms. And a recommendation. After going up into the air, it's worth getting your feet back onto the ground, standing on the concrete foundation and watching the film projected by the shadows of the chestnut tree's branches blown by the wind.

Ibardin information area
Lekuona architects