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the CITY dancing i.b.m.   I  berta “The Month of Dance” was started in Seville eight years ago to fill in a gap that existed in the cultural programming in the city. The objectives were to support creation in andalusian dance, programme contemporary dance and to bring all of this closer to the spectator. They have had to do a lot of work since then, especially if we take into consideration the fact that the little official support they have received has been very poor.
Over the last eight years several new elements have been added to the modest original programme. This year, for example, "Huellas" (Traces) has been the major new addition to the programme. Truly interesting. The city itself becomes a stage through street performances. A fascinating opportunity for any passerby to enjoy this offering of art. The spectacular underwater “Provisional Danza” at The Giralda. The freshness of “El Punto” hip-hop in the square, dance troupe “Vendeval” in the orange grove, “Mal Pelo”´s innerness at The Cartujo, “Octubre Danza”´s specialness down Guadalquivir way, the strength of the memebers of “Proyecto Gallina” in La Plaza de España. “La Calabaza"´s fantasy at Maria Luisa Park.
The organisers and dancers have given their all to ensure that the Little Angel who directs the festival gets what he wants: "I want you all to learn how to love, it’s painful at the start but you feel great afterwards".
This innovating look at contemporary dance has been a huge success. It has connected with the city, and to an even greater extent with the people. They have created an attractive quality programme. The fact that the shows are open and public has attracted people of all types, ages and origins. They have been able to bring people into the world of contemporary dance with an incredible easiness. Or maybe we should say they have brought contemporary dance to the people. As well as the surprise of coming across art in one of its most special forms in the street, it also mutely moves every anynomous viewer.
It has turned into a most effective way of avoiding the lack of sensitivity caused by the way we live today: quality art available to anybody and free. Even better still, the dancer amongst the orange trees makes you want to run up and kiss somebody, the dancer amongst the trees, or anywhere for that matter. The festival puts a brighter happier face on the squares, streets and riverbanks we hardly notice everyday. It leaves us open-mouthed, entranced, and we don’t have to move a centimetre from the pavement to enjoy it.