bikiƱokoak nerea urrestarazu
The body is a stage for bringing out our character, a reflection of what's inside us and a device to help us survive in the world. Clothing, on the other hand, illustrates the body. And there are hundreds of aesthetic resources nowadays which fill the streets with photocopies and cloned pantone colours. Why? Empathy, envy, fear of being different ... These cloned bodies are an expression of today's society. It's clear evidence of the uniformity that is the basis of the process of globalization we're going through. We tend to standardize ourselves with people we feel close to and put a distance between ourselves and people we don't identify with. Within the limits of the culture we're brought up in, we disguise our bodies, and we use these disguises to say something about ourselves. But our personality and character are in our bodies, not in our clothes. Because, even when we're naked, our bodies say something about our personality and character. We show ourselves as we are when we're naked, even if we aren't then subject to the measures and manners that the system forces on us. This doesn't mean that we only show our character when we're naked, but it's also very clear that the opposite isn't true either. Trying to define things using only aesthetics is no more that defining an empty universe.