ola de frío

karmelo c.iribarren renacimiento

This collection has just added a book by one of our most cherished poets. The publishers Renacimiento print editions from a different time: classically sober covers, nice thick wrinkly paper to run your fingers over, no-nonsense editions. These books are just like Karmelo C. Iribarren. We won’t say anymore than that. Read Karmelo’s poetry. These bitter little life pills will bring a smile to your face.



vueling edit

Airlines publish such shoddy magazines that passengers prefer to leave them in the kangaroo-like pouch at the back of the seats on the plane rather than bring them home. The magazine Ling published by internet travel agency Vueling is a different ball-game altogether though. Full of interesting entertaining content, it also offers spectacular dynamic design. When we come across one on a plane, it’s straight into the bag with it. Otherwise we can always check it out here:


tattoo darling

angelique houtkamp outré gallery press

Angelique Houtkamp is a Dutch artist who has become very well known in the world of tattoos in the last few years. She has found a personal take on traditional tattoos and she is responsible for updating those old tattoos that only sailors used to have. She is one of the clearest examples of what is called the ‘new old school’. In the pages of this beautiful book, the reader can feast their eyes on her flash tattoos and designs.


the curious sofa

edward gorey harcourt brace and comp

Edward Gorey wrote and drew many wonderfully beautiful pictures and drawings throughout his life. Tim Burton and other emo-makers should build a shrine to Edward Gorey, the man they have all copied so many times. You probably won’t overtly find that much of what you may consider pornographic in this illustrated story, published by Gorey in 1925. That would be too easy. However, you will discover just how much fun you can have with homosexuality, zoofilia and wooden legs. There’ll be no wiping the grin off your face.