a fuego negro.


The people involved in San Sebastian's A fuego negro talk about the history of their premises, their concept of cooking and lots of other little pearls in this book. You're probably thinking this is just another one of a thousand cookery books... Well, fortunately, it's not. Edorta, Iñigo and Amaia have used a comic format with short texts and lots of photographs to underline what they are about. Their daring in releasing the book in this format assures a place on our bookshelves for these disciples of black fire.


el eternauta.

hector g. oesterheld, francisco solano. doedytores.

A sacred comic from Argentina. Scriptwriter Hector Oesterheld came up with an incredible metaphor for the period of the dictatorship. The popular warcomic type artwork brought it to a wide audience. The script was totally breathtaking and innovating. The main character, who travels throughout eternity, tells his story to the scriptwriter who has become an element of the story. "It started snowing that night and anybody who was touched by the snow died". Oesterheld was kidnapped in 1977. His three daughters were also abducted. They have been missing ever sinceÉ itÕs as if they had been covered by a blanket of snow...



dezsö kostolányi.byblos

Kosztolanyi is one of the greatest 19th Century Hungarian writers. The book starts when an elderly unmarried daughter is forced to leave her parents house and go away for a week. Her parents are at first saddened by her absence but they soon start leaving the house and come to realise that there is another "life" apart from the steady, unchanging healthy life they lead with their daughter. Alondra is a gorgeous protest against "little" dictators and family ties.


zinea eta literatura, begiaren ajeak.

harkaitz cano·elkar

The eye is the instrument we use to capture information from creative writing and audio-visual work. The eyes do too much work nowadays. As a consequence, our evermore visual reality just tires them out. A lot has been said abut the relationship between cinema and literature. There's a lot to be said yet. But you'll only find it said and reflected upon in this way in this book by this now-not soyoung writer.