the baldians 20-pepito arriola    José Rodriguez Carballeira was born in 1896.

The unmarried Josefa Rodriguez Carballeira gave her son her Basque grandfather’s surname.

When he was two and a half, in Madrid, he sat down at his musician aunt’s piano and amazed his relatives by playing pieces he had heard his uncle play.

A few days before his third birthday he gave his first public performance. A week after that very same birthday he performed six self-composed pieces for the King and Queen.

He went to live and continue studying in Germany.

He performed publicly at the highest level in countries all over the world and at the beginning of the 20th Century he was one of the most famous pianists and violinists in the world.

He lived most of his life in Germany but in 1946, impoverished by the lost war, he returned to Spain.

He died forgotten and in abject poverty in Barcelona in 1954.