Trading cards 15-Shoichi Yokoi    Born in Aichi (March 31, 1915).

Emperor's soldier Soichi Yokoi was sent to Guam in 1941 shortly thereafter, as American forces reconquered the island in the 1944 Battle of Guam, Yokoi went into hiding.

For 28 years, he hid in an underground jungle cave.

Yokoi hunted primarily at night and used much of the native plants to form clothes, bedding, and storage implements, which he carefully hid in his cave.

On the evening of January 24, 1972, Yokoi was discovered in the two local men who were checking their shrimp traps along a small river on Talofofo.

"It is with much embarrassment that I have returned alive", he said upon his return to Japan, carrying his rusted rifle at his side.

In 1991, he received an audience with Emperor Akihito. He considered the meeting the greatest honor of his life. He had even prepared a speech of regret to read to the emperor.

Yokoi's Cave, is nowdays a tourist attraction.

Yokoi died in 1997, in Aichi at the age of 82. He was buried at a Nagoya cemetery, under a gravestone that was initially commissioned by his mother in 1955.