roberto bolaño

Bought some time ago and perfect for reading on a journey. How can we summarise the 1,500 pages here? It can't be done. An average readers gets through the half dozen books that could fit into an encylopedia case. 2666 is one of those books, although, in our humble opinion, there are a few dozen pages too many. There are five main, interconnected stories. Numerous characters and narratives mixed in space and time. Once caught, many bits of this book stay in your stomach like cancer. And it isn't "benign".


katu jendea

eider rodriguez

The author mentions beauty and money as the main subjects of this book of short stories. The idea of beauty is a wide one, subjective, perhaps, but the idea of money defines these stories clearly in a realistic atmosphere and a contemporary feel. These stories are written in a direct manner. The narrative plots do not get covered by decorative elements. Even so, the conjugation of transparency and feelings, which are characteristics of Rodriguez' writing, also come out here. The writer is sure that cynics and bastards also love somehow. These stories take us from one material reality to a more intimate reality. In the same way that cat people exist, there are also cat writers.


xabier eta karajito

maria agirre / amaia fernandez

You'll find different types of tales in this collections, but all of them have a boy called Xabier and a donkey called Karajito as their main characters. Written and drawn in a direct, simple way, the tales' main interest is their naïf style. In contrast with the primacy of sophistication and aesthetics in many contemporary tales, Xabier and Karajito's adventures' objectives are simplicity and fun. Joxan Ormazabal translated Xabier and Karajito's
adventures. He recently lost his life in the mountains.


yo, otro libro egocéntrico dejuanjo saez

juanjo saez

We're Juanjo Saez' fan fatals. His previous works —El arte, Viviendo del cuento, Buenos tiempos para la muerte— were full of fun and intelligence. In this new comic book he carries on in the same way but, in this case, he tells these autobiographical stories about himself. And, once more, Mr Saez makes us laugh and think with his sharp self criticisms. We've been following his career since Circulo Primigenio fanzine and there's never enough of it for us.