real dolls robert huber
 Amongst the myths written by Ovid is the story of the doll made by Pygmalion who lived on the island of Cyprus. The doll was named Galatea. He was so proud of his creation that he fed, cleaned and put the doll to bed every night. It wasn’t long before Pygmalion started having sex with the doll. The Goddess Aphrodite, on seeing this, brought the doll Galatea to life and turned her into a real flesh-and-bones woman.

French sailors who carried with them their ¨dame de voyage ¨ on long sailings or the German mariners with their ¨seemannsbraut¨ for company must have more than once begged Aphrodite to make their cloth companions real as she had once done with Galatea. It has never been recorded whether anything of the sort ever happened. Maybe that’s why, instead of waiting for a miracle, humans are making dolls that are becoming more and more ¨real¨.

Getxophoto 2010