polder cup a project by maider lopez
They built football fields on an area of the Netherlands full of canals and, on the 4th of September, held the Polder Cup. This championship is Maider Lopez's special project, and Rotterdam's Witte de With and Skor helped her make it happen. The public's role in it, the use of space and this new reflection on human strategy is completely in tune with this Donostia artist's previous work.
To a great extent, football fields' characteristics define what the rules for playing football. If football fields' characteristics change, the rules automatically change and it becomes a new game. The players who took part in the Polder Cup had to look for new tactics and ways of playing in order to achieve their aims. And, in fact, the response of those taking part (not only the players, everyone who went there, including the musicians) and their behaviour gave the project its meaning. We're talking about football here, but there's a strong analogy with the strategy in anything that any of us take part in.
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