the baldians    Michaell Carroll This financial wizard made €15 million Euro disappear in 7 years. To carry out this tiring task, he was accompanied by those old friends of money: drugs, gambling and sex.

Carroll won €15 million in the National Lottery UK in 2002. He was 19 years old at the time and sporadically worked as a bin-man.

In addition, his girlfriend at that time was pregnant and he was wearing an electronic offender’s tag after having been involved in an attack on teenagers at a Christian disco.

When he collected his prize, a local police constable commented wryly: “This proves that God has a sense of humour.”

Carroll states that he doesn’t know how much money he blew with friends on drugs, gambling and prostitutes: ¨We lived like Roman generals.”

His gold jewellery was stolen from him. The next day he went out and spent €160,000 on new nuggets and chains.

He invested one and a half million euro in his adored Glasgow Rangers FC.

He owes his lawyers €90.000 yet he claims he hasn’t got two pennies to rub together.

Today, Carroll is happy: ¨I find it easier to live off £42 (€49) dole than a million.