beltza scene
urbeltz [argia]
I'm not interested in photography, I'm interested in life
Henry Cartier-Bresson

We see them when we go to change the record on the turntable, dozens of photographic films which he keeps in a shop-counter box. Luis Beltza shows us his photo collections and books and talks with passion about street photography and traditional cameras. He talks about the collections one by one, about the titles of each photo and the experiences associated with each one. That's the difference. They aren't just photos. They're life.

In this collections of portraits, known as Beltza scene, the main characters are the people who go to the Beltza Records shop. Friends, strangers, people who are lost and enemies. Portraits of people who get together in places on a human scale which is about to disappear. Because Beltza Records isn't a shop, it's a kromlech that could be anywhere.