trading cards 13-Jaws    He first appeared in 1977 in The Spy Who loved Me as the evil Stromberg's helper. A few years later he appeared in Moonraker with the despicable Hugo Drax.

Jaws could break anything with his metal jaw-bones and teeth, which is where his name came from, of course.

Instead of calling him "Mandibulas" ("Jaws" in Spanish) in the Spanish version of the film, he was left as Jaws, the same name as the shark film.

This seven-foot-one, limitless-strength super villain beat James Bond up on more than one occasion.

Egyptian columns fell on top of him, a lorry ran him over, a high-speed train knocked him down, he fell off a cliff in his car, he survived when his boss Stromberg's hideout blew up, he had to jump out of a plan without a parachute ... but Jaws was never seen to die.

He met a girl called Dolly and love removed his evilness and make him help Bond. At the end of Moonraker, Jaws and Dolly disappear into space while toasting each other with champagne ...

In that last scene we hear his voice for the first and last time. "Well, here's to us", he says...