entzun 61

We’re publishing The balde and Entzun together for the first time in our number 61. As the paper edition has become a yearly number, waiting for Durango Fair has become an important thing for Entzun magazine. Entzun’s 144 pages include images and events from the whole year, interesting, in-depth monographic reports and numerous interviews.


bombástica naturalis

iban barrenetxea

If one of your books wins the Euskadi Prize and the two-yearly Bratislava Prize, it’s no coincidence. Iban Basterretxea’s Bombastica Naturalis is a treasure. Barrenetxea brings us the fantastic world invented by Bombastus in his excellent, highly-developed, meticulous drawings. If illustration weren’t so little appreciated, Barrenetxe’s book would be a best-seller in the Basque Country.


de rerum natura 4


Zaldiero has dedicated this fourth collection of his comic strip from Berria newspaper to Xaxa. Zaldiero has his own style in his drawings, reflecting daily life ironically and, at the same time, showing tenderness. As there is no lack of inspiration in his daily production, and as it looks like that work’s no challenge for him, it seems he’s on his way to the creators’ Olympus.


etakideen ametsak

markos zapiain

What do the members of ETA who appear in Basque literature dream about? You can’t deny it’s an orginial starting point for an essay. We know that fictional and real members of ETA aren’t the same thing. But even though they aren’t the same, our guess is that the real ones are as different and as varied as the fictional ones. In the world of dreams, where we don’t know what’s fiction and what’s reality, it seems to us that the fictional ETA members’ dreams aren’t all that far from the real ones’ dreams.