living in the basque country?    Every time you write the word “Basque” into Google images, up pop pics of the very Christmassy looking Basque flag (thus described by the great Alvarez Rabo), the odd one of an American Basque, maps
of the Basque Country, and, oh mon dieu! beautiful women dressed in sultry lingerie.
We used to think the word “Basque” was one that described our character, origins and language. Seeing that this is not the case, we now realise that there are many people who couldn’t place the Basque Country on a map and for whom the word “Basque” has a
completely different meaning. A Basque is the name given to a type of corset
worn by women. We say “a type of corset” because as a jacket or body type garment, it doesn’t have the stiffness or body-hugging form of the corset. The garment has origins
in traditional Basque clothing and when it spread throughout France, the French
baptised it with the word “Basque”. It then spread from France to all other Western countries. It became the height of fashion in Victorian times. The reason for this was that it held up the breasts and marked the waistline without the serious physical and anatomical consequences of the corset. During the 20th Century, the Basque, corset or the torsolette soon began to be used as an undergarment. In the last few years, and thanks to the constant retrospective perspective present in fashion, this type of garment has undergone a certain revival. Who would ever have said, seeing that the words Basque and sex are almost antonymous here, that the Basque would once again become fashionablethanks to pin-ups and erotic fetishism. It will not be the most important contribution the Basques make to the world, but it is probably the most well-known. It seems to us that from now on that living in the “Basque Country” will certainly be more pleasurable.