munlet    The word Cephalopoda comes from the Greek kephalé (head) and podós (legs). There may be around 700 species in the coleoidea and nautilus subspecies… So those of you who didn’t study science can understand: octopus, baby squid, squid, cuttlefish and many other delicious things. On the other hand, there are only two types of bicephalopod in the world. They make up the Munlet sub-species. We met up with Anita Lady Fingers and Herr Professor, who live in hiding in Mendaro... Let’s start with an original question: Why Bicefalopedia? Have you seen the ghost of Captain Jacques Cousteau?

That word can mean so many things … The song “Cefalopodo”, and then us -we’re a two headed monster on this record- and then the word itself comes from cefa (head) and lopus (legs), which seems appropriate: you listen to music with your head to move your legs.

Describe your new record without saying “fucking great“, “rocio jurado”, “lentils”, “chair left” or “imperance”.

We think our record’s GRUNGE, or LOUDquietLOUD if you prefer, like The Pixies. We’re very happy with the results. We wrote 40 songs, then chose 12 of them: it’s been hard work, but it’s been worth it.

If we were to explore an unknown planet, we’d listen to “bicefalopedia” on our walkmans (yes, our walkmans!) What would you be listening to?

Bearing in mind that we’re in space, Gora Gora Kids’ Gagarin, Mursego’s second record, Jupiten Jon’s record and Idolos del Extrarradio’s latest EP, all on vinyl, of course: we’d be playing with gravity, like always.

You’ve recorded in your own studio. Is that because it’s easier or because Phil Spector was unavailable at the time?

It’s easy, that’s the main reason. You record when you want to, no problems, until you’re happy with the result. And, as well as that, it’s cheaper and better, at least for us. It’s normally hard for outside engineers to get our point of view. Kaki might have done it, but our budgets are very limited.

We have to mention Paco Alcazar’s beautiful sleeve and design.

Yes, that was really important to have for the record. As well as being an old friend, Paco knew how to dress our latest child. We’re very happy with it.

Munlet is a group which has come a long way and travelled a lot. You play live a lot: don’t you get tired of your rock’n’roll lifestyle?

What tires us out is having to work at the same time so that we can also do what we’re passionate about. Hahaha! But there’s no other way to do it. Doing the two things at the same time’s tough. After promoting this record, were going to have to take a break to clean our houses and visit our families.

Mendaro used to be known for its chocolate. Now, for us and for people with real criteria, it’s Munlet’s town. But how do your towns people and neighbours take to what you do? When there going to be a Munlet Street in the town?

Well, I think Munlet’s done good work promoting Mendaro over the last ten years. And, at the same time, we’ve opened some of our townspeople’s ears, which is quite good going in a small, closed town like Mendaro. But there’s still an awful lot to do in terms of culture, so you’d better let the town hall know what your suggestions are.

Thank you, the balde!