scaramanga’s movie theatre maider gomez inchauspe   Ian Fleming created the character and the movies made him famous all over the world. But as every know-all commentator is quick to say: “Time puts everything and everyone in their place”. That statement is not actually true. Well, that’s not
exactly right, at least if you are referring to justice. Just check out how many nasty pieces of shit have died comfortably in their mansions. The thing is, though time may not put everybody in their place, with the passing of time we have come to realise that what we most love about James Bond films’ is not Agent 007 or the gorgeous women he surrounds himself with. No, if there is one thing that the Bond saga has bequeathed to the world is its list of super-baddies: Stavro Blofeld, Goldfinger, Dr. Kananga, Rosa Klebb, Jaws, May Day, Kristatos, Hugo Dax, Alec Trevelyan, Max Zorin, and the evil-doer supreme who appears in my own favourite Bond movie (The man with the golden gun), Francisco Scaramanga. The movie theatre we have for you looks like something he would design.

The theatre in question, designed Ole Scheeren architects, is to be found on the Thai island of Kudu, and its structure is based on the surrounding local fishermen’s lobster farms. This spectacular cinema was built on the sea surface
for the first edition of the Yao Noi Film on the Rocks cinema festival. The islanders built the cinema and the film festival has become a welcome source of income for them. All the rich-kid tourists (Aren’t all tourists like that? And
yes, I mean all of you... by getting dreadlocks in your hair or because you sell nice little bracelets made in a Third-world country doesn’t mean you’re getting away with anything, no siree) have been able to see the films in the festival in
these beautiful surroundings. Your biggest problem here is whether to watch what’s happening on the screen or off it.

It really is an enchanting piece of architecture in really enchanting surroundings. But, to make it absolutely perfect, we have added Scaramanga’s starving sharks into the waters around the cinema.