a crazy idea. talking with miguel noguera    Do we only have a single mother?
Mmmm, I suppose that’s right.
What do you feel when you see your book amongst library recommendations?
It’s good, of course. As well as feeling happy and proud, being recommended makes it more visible and that probably increases sales ... a profitable spiral.
What are the moments before going on stage like in “Ultrashow”?
Recently I’ve been doing warm-up exercises, jumping, stretching, I bend down and then jump into the air with my fists up (being quite short, that gets me up to an area I call “dwarf”), sometimes I sing chords to warm up my voice ... You know, it’s a routine for me to say that I’m ready.
A sort of trance?
Well, there are some moments during the show, more than I’d wish for, in which I feel unusually comfortable and I get the feeling the performance is going ahead on its own initiative: it’s a mental moment in which everything easily glides along, everything goes as it should do ... But, of course, those moments don’t last for long: they’re rare moments in which there’s a balance which isn’t controlled by will power.
When did you start writing and drawing your ideas ... When did it all start?
I started writing things down in 2000 (the year sounds strange in that sentence, doesn’t it? I started writing things down in 2000, stopped in 4000 and started again in 37000), I
started doing shows in 2004 and it became a way of life in 2011 when I started doing weekly shows at Alexandra Theatre in Barcelona. Let’s see what happens in the future,
in the year 40000.
When people say you’re a genius, what does that make you think?
I couldn’t agree more, it was about time ... There aren’t many geniuses, I define myself as a GRENIUS.
There’s millenarianism in your latest book. What’s up with Iker Jimenez?
As Flamenco musicians say, he’s got “magic”. Iker’s got special charm. No, in fact, Iker Jimenez is the contemporary Jimenez del Oso, he’s taken his place, inherited the crown from him. There are some others (I must mention these people, who are so intense and profound they almost burn you: Santiago Vazquez, Enrique de Vicente and Andreas Faber Kaiser (his
podcasts in Catalan are fantastic), but Iker is the most famous one at the moment. I have to admit that I don’t feel close to them. Their demagogy seems unbearable to me sometimes, their backwards-looking sentimentality and churchy morals, but you can’t deny they do a lot of work, they’re full of energy, and they have their own, very personal styles. What the hell! I love it, it’s been a lot of hours …
Bars or cafés?
Cafés. There’s no comparison. I don’t go to bars, cafés are quieter, they smell better, they’re good places for meeting up with people, one whim amongst others. They aren’t places for socialising, they’re places for meditating.
Do you think people will expect to read ideas from “Ultrashow” or from your books in this interview?
Well, compared with Ultrashow it’s a different speed, but with a familiar scent, and a couple of tricks, right? Even so, interviews are creative moments for me (at least for the moment, until I get fed up).

Ser madre hoy. Blackie books.
14th and 15th September, Antzoki Zaharra, Donostia.