cartón    Cartón, above all other things, are a group of friends. A bunch of mates who meet up for a few beers. However, as they ramble from one watering hole to the next, they come up with their little graphic conspirations to adorn the walls of the surrounding streets.
When they get together, the ideas pour out, so they fix on some of those ideas and get the creative machinery going. That’s all there is to it really. Simple and free. Think, meet and do. There are no bosses, requests for funding or any official presentations. The raw materials here are devotion, friendship and street-creativity. How did all this start? Well, they were sitting having a beer one day discussing the results of the competition to design the poster that would announce the carnival in Bilbao, and seeing as they didn’t like what had been chosen, they decided to have a go at their own competition. From then on there was simply no stopping them: posters for made-up concerts, posters announcing a non-existent film that supposedly denounced sports retailer Decathlon (Decartón) or designs for false singles by bands that didn’t exist (El club del single).
The street is their gallery, the place where proclamation, playfulness and friendship come together. Watch out! Any place is good place for the next Cartón collective piece to appear.