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viking day: this is not california    I  nestor lopez-garin When punk rockers RIP sang that there were no Civil Guards in California they weren’t lying, but even so, we still wouldn’t change the rainy Viking Day for any Californian sun.
Turning different types of skateboards and scooters into ‘drakkar’ ships, these skaters and gliding sliders conquered the Guadalupe slopes during an unbeatable second edition of Bikingo Eguna (Viking Day). These daring lads and lasses put on some spectacular descents on four wheels with the asphalt very much inches from their noses. More than one rider even had the opportunity to “take a nap” on the strategically placed safety cushioning.
So what happened once the descent had finished? There is an old Basque saying that goes “gustuko tokian aldaparik ez” which literally means “There are no steep slopes in places where you feel good”, well, these Vikings were having none of that. To get back to the top, these children of Thor jumped onto the back of a van that scooted them back up the hill!