empty house
Some creative people who don’t know each other have had the opportunity to take photos in an empty house in Bilbao. Each photographer has examined and shown the house from his/her point of view. Their work can be seen in
BlackBoxBilbao throughout 2013.

Who’s going to put this love song
to music?

Maritxu Urizarri liked drinking a little
Marie Brizar every day. It revived her.
And she did that until her daughter took
her to an old people’s home. But, without
asking for permission, she used to leave
and go back home. And there she drank
a little and smoked a lot.
Until, one day, she found the doors
locked. She lost her mind, stopped
talking, and they emptied her house.
They took everything. They only left an
opened bottle of Marie Brizar behind.
And Maria Urizar herself.
Two kisses for you, Maritxu,
Take two sips and live!

Kredituak / Credits
Eragilea / Promoter: Xabier Rementeria.
Ignacio Fernández Téllez, BlackBox Bilbao aretoaren arduraduna. blackboxbilbao.com

Argazkilariak / Photographers
Josu Igartua, MIkel Alonso, Ignacio Fernandez Téllez, Alfonso Batalla, Cesar Azcarate arkitektoa eta Carlos Marcote margolaria.