getxophoto 2008 shot the city!    Begihandi collective created Getxophoto last year. It's a photography festival. And we call it festival because there's not any smell of that elitism and "coolness" some art galleries try to reach. Getxophoto takes the pictures to the streets. It's street art. Photography is treated as a popular comunication media. This is easy to say but not that easy to do. Without abandoning the usual way of showing the pictures, Getxophoto tries to find new ways and new places to show them. The city is the gallery. There's an intervention in the public spaces to give them a new meaning and a new way of looking. The citizen will find the pictures in transit: hanged in buildings, on walls, on the showcases... the pictures appear here and there and among others, we enjoy with the talented work of Lobo Altuna, Gonzalo Azurmendi, Cecilia Paredes, Wang Quingsong, Andrea Sendón, La puerta abierta and Osama Esid. Alejandro Castellote is the curator that has choosed this editions artists. But Getxophoto also offers to the citizens the chance to participate with projections of amateur photographers or giving anyone the chance to make his personal postcard of the city. Getxophoto it's a young festival. This years was the second edition. We hope 2009 edition is already on the kitchen because the organizers, and us, the citizens, deserve more editions of Getxophoto in the coming years.