audiomaton    On 7th August, 1942, the same day US troops went into Guadalcanal, four exiled Basques went into a New York recording studio booth. At the time it was very common for people to record their own voices. There were voice recording booths in the same way that there are photo booths nowadays. The recordings were live and then, after a few minutes, you got a 78 rpm record. Those voice recording booths were perfect for singing Happy Birthday to your children, whispering a poem to you lover or sending a sample of your talent to a radio station.

On 7th August, 1942, Jose Antonio Agirre, the Basque Prime Minister, Jose Maria Lasarte, Telesforo Monzon and Anton Irala went into a booth together. Homesick and, who knows, maybe inspired after a long lunch, they sung a capella: