I’ve seen whales
Josu's childhood friend. A priest. His vocation made problems for his with his family. As he says, "I'm a priest, but I'm not a fool." ETA killed his father when he was young. That changed his life completely, and his relationship with Josu too. He has nightmares.

Anton's childhood friend. He's in prison for being a member of ETA. He's afraid of the answers to the questions he asks himself in prison. He loves watching the rain from his cell window: it takes him right back home to his childhood. He met Emmanuel in prison and, to his astonishment, he doesn't hate him.

Violence has been the axis of her life. The only his family was violence. Emmanuel was a gun slinger for GAL and, unlike some of his companions, his mercenary activities got him into prison. He met Josu in prison. And sometimes he speaks with him in the library. He's one of those people who's freer in prison than he was outside.

javier de isusi
Javier de Isusi, from Bilbao, has spent many years in the comics world. He’s contributed to many magazines, fanzines and collaborative pieces of work, but, until now, his most important piece of work has been published in the Los Viajes de Juan sin Tierra collection. La pipa de Marcos, La isla de Nunca Jamas, Rio Loco and En la tierra los Sin Tierra. These adventures, based on his trips of Latin America, have been translated into Portuguese, Finnish, Italian and English. Baleak ikusi ditut is his first publication in Basque. We hope it’s the first of many.

watching whales

At the same time as the whales disappeared, so did the the watch towers along the coast for seeing them. The same’s true of comics in Basque. From time to time, like far-off whales, a comic or two turns up in Basque. Something from the new European comics wave or a graphic novel. Some have been published recently (Munduko bandarik txarrena, Habiak, Zebra efektua, ...), but we’d say that “Baleak ikusi ditut” is one of those works which is a real step forwards. As well as the subjects and different levels that it deals with and suggests in a masterly way and with its drawings, because it is a work specifically for adults. If there were whales now, it would be our responsibility to make sure they don’t end up dying on the beaches.