taxidermy    You are young.....and, I don’t know, it is weird, I cannot relate taxidermy to young age.
Is it old people’s job? All old people were young once.

I don’t know...where did you get your devotion from?
From hunting. I am a hunter. Taxisermy is related to hunting since human being is a human being. Taxidermy was created when human beings learned how to hunt. Taxi means movement and dermy means skin. It is the moevement of skin. That is what we do.

Well, movement...
The skin of the animal was used for protection and for hunting rituals. And, on those rituals, there were animal shows. Like the prehistoric paintings. In the 17th century, animal pieces were stuffed then shown like trophies. Nowadays, this tradition remains. The reason for stuffing animals is the same since prehistory to today: the ritual to keep hunting.

How did you learn this job?
I am self-taught. I have attended several taxidermy workshops and learned by doing. At the begining, I only made my own pieces, but soon, I got more and more jobs until today.

Which is the most unusual animal that you have stuffed?
Technique has evolved. However, the basis of taxidermy is to work the skin. No muscle or organ is stuffed. Did you see what tha German guy does with human bodies?

Well, we do the opposite...we keep the skin and redo the inside part with wood, plastic and othe materials. I like making huntin pieces. I don’t really understand the desire to stuff a pet. I would never stuff one of my dogs...

I am sorry but I can’t help it...what is that caribou inflatable doing in a taxidermy studio?
It is a gift from a friend. I shouldn’t say this, but this piece is much more easily dusted than the rest (laughs).