retake the streets!    I  maider lete, igor astigarraga These photos were taken in Thailand during the Son Kran New Year’s Festival celebrated in April. For three days, citizens take to the streets, make them their own and organise the festival as they see fit. Public animal: A many-faced character that bides its time inventing tricks. A creature that blends into its surrounding environment and quickly adopts to any sudden unexpected changes that may occur to its everyday scenery. That permeable, slippery, organ-less place called a street, where you can experience the crudest desolation, but where it’s also possible to escape from by just changing direction, by disobedience, by deserting, by doing all of them alone or with a crowd.
Public space: A space strictly controlled by all the powers that be, for the very same reason that it most appropriate place for escape and emancipation

The public animal. Towards an anthropology of urban spaces.
Manuel Delgado