audio arkaitz villar


Le Brutal Records 2008

We couldn’t recommend this record without also applauding the work carried out over the last few years by musician, and above all fan, Alvaro Brutus. Seeing that the original was about to celebrate its fortieth anniversary, he hit upon the idea of a homage. He got a whole bunch of bands together:: Le Noise “Sunday Morning”, Audicen + Eten “The Black Angel’s Death Song“ , Capsula “Run Run Run” or Eorann “All Tomorrow Parties” are just of a few on show. To record “Venus in FM (Venus In Furs)” Xabier Erkizia and Rober! Atom Rhumbako Álvaro, along with Iñigo (firehead) and Aida (ex-Lisabö) got together. Magic stuff!


Hotsak dantzan

Dantza Baltza 2008

There are a lot of musicians an producers working behind the local scene here, hidden from the public eye. One of them is Jimmy Bidaurreta: conductor of the Gasteizko Big Band, he’s worked alongside musician Ortophonk and Makala amongst others in the last few years. This time round, he’s dug into record label Gaztelupeko Hotsak’s catalogue and come up with new arrangements for a few songs.. Elegant as always, he visits Latino and electronic airs on Tapia eta Leturia, Morau, Petti, Sextysexers and Kokein to name a few.


Le noise

El Camino a Casa·Noiz Pop 2008

This band were awarded for their many years of hard work when they took first prize at the Bilbao Hiria Pop Rock competition last year. The group has gone through many changes down the years and throughout all this time they have shown their cinematic influence which has resulted in the release of “El Camino a Casa,” one of the most interesting records around recently. The record is full of great songs that doff their cap to the likes of Nick Cave, Calexico or Sonic Youth. This lot have really come on.


Cat Power

Jukebox·Matador 2008

On “The Covers Records”, Chan Marshall showed us she is no mean hand at covering other peoples songs. Her last studio album, “The Greatest”, went down very well amongst listeners and with the help of the Dirty Delta Blues Band and her sandpaper rough voice, she’s now back with Nick Cave’s “Breathless”, Hank Williams’ “Ramblin´ (Wo)man”, Bob Dylan’s “I Believe In You” and the previously written “Metal Heart.” A welcoming shot to fight off the craving.


Sorkun & Vicepresidentes

Pias 2008

Sorkun has moved on from the work she did on “Duna” that was heavily influenced by Morphine and the likes. She’s returned to the raw sound of her first record. The record has gained in professionalism and recording it in the USA has enabled her to have guests like Alfredo Hernandez (Kyuss, QOTSA). Another notable feature of the record is the evolution in her lyric writing. The new songs go from the hypnotic to the blood-raw.



Bidehuts 2008

Anari’s latest release brings us five songs from the concert she gave at Kafe Antzokia, Bilbao on March the 31st, 2007. Published in the Bidehuts “Zuzenekoak (live)” series, this recaptures moments of the tour to promote the record Zebra. As well as her own compositions, she also includes a version of Dut’s “Haize Eza.” Assisted by her usual backing group, Anari displays the strength of her live shows here. Something to sep the hunger at bay while we wait for some new songs.