free magenta!    MAGENTA 1890-2007? #FF0090 / RGB 255-0-144
Magenta was the first non-organic ink and since it was discovered after the war in Magenta, it was named after this Italian town. Nowadays, Magenta is one of the necessary colors (cyan, yellow and black are the others) when printing. The system that has Magenta as the basic color, CMYK was created in 1890 when newspapers decided to print the comic strips in color.
In the Outer Space Treaty signed in 1967, all the countries in the world were told not to appropriate the moon or any other space in the area. There was no mention about people, so in 1980 Dennis Hope registered the moon under his name. This could be an article in the Odd news section or just a “yankee” thing. However, since then, through Rio Vista company in California, 300,000 people have bought from Mr. Hope pieces of land in the moon.
Now, in this Americanized Europe, Telecom, the telephone company wants to register magenta color in his logo and image. This makes us laugh. But, as the laugh fades away, we feel afraid because if they made the attempt to appropriate the magenta color is because they feel they can get it. And suddenly, there is a chance that colors can have owners. Will we have to pay a toll for using colors? Will the sighted become kings in the town of the blind? What do color-blinds think about all this? One more time, surrealism has turned into reality. Some years ago, nobody wanted surveillance cameras around... and now, it is the neighbors that asked them to be installed. They have turned us into retarded people, that is a fact. But it seems that sometimes, we like to be retarded too.