travelling trough Ibn batuta    Ibn Batuta was a traveller and author born in 1304 in Tangier and died in 1368, 1369 or 1377 in an unknown location in Morocco.
His writings, including the book Rihla (Travelogue) finished in 1357, provide an important source of knowledge about large parts of the known world of his day. Ibn Batuta started travelling in 1325, first setting out for on hajj. During his 29 years of travels, he covered 120,000 km, reaching China in the east, and Al Andalus in the west, Timbuctu in the south and the steppes of today's Russia in the north. Among the most treasured parts of his book are the descriptions of the court in , the Black Death in , his accounts of India, , and the lands around the river Niger.

(All the pictures were taken while walking in the Ibn Batuta thematic shopping mall in Dubai).