embracing dreams    I  gari garaialde Life, at the end of the day, is surfing. We don’t know which wave to hug close to. We spend time gazing at the horizon, weighing up our choices. An unknown strength causes us to choose one wave or another, unaware as we are of whether the wave after the one we’ve just chosen is better or worse. Or maybe that wave we let roll by was the one we should be embracing. The need to choose. That’s seemingly what life is all about. That’s surfing. You need to know how to read waves, and how to catch on to those elusive caresses. Choice. At the end of the day, we are what our choices have made us.
When we look at Gari Garaialde’s photographs, we understand that surfing and photography are just two synonyms of life. The passion of those who learn through choosing. Photography, at the end of the day, is surfing. Look at something and then choose a distinct moment. The collection of those evasive everyday moments that life throws at us, just like the surfers who pick and choose from the waves that pound our shores every day. Photographers have a surfer’s heart.