vote panda    Vote Panda is the last work by Myjok (Maiana Agorrody, Jokin Etcheverria). The project in two words: My has prepared an election campaign for a Panda Bear. Yes, you read it correctly, so I´m not gonna repeat it. In 1968, My´s grandfather worked as a Minister in Vietnam. Due to political problems he had to hide himself in the woods and that´s where he faced Panda bears for the first time. This animal at risk has become for My the core of their project "besides, do you know anyone who doesn´t love Pandas?"
These works, made at their workshop in Bilbao, were not to be shown anyhow. "the Birth of a project is usually personal and completed in the solitude, but afterwards, there has to be a give-and-take dynamic with the viewer. It is hard to have direct contact with the viewer, in an exposition format, but we thought of shifting things a little bit. We thought of presenting the work in life, and besides, have you ever seen any election campaign without a second round?". MyJok has always been an example of “Do-it-yourself” attitude. They have developed ways to show and spread their work to many different corners of the world. Vote Panda´s electoral campaign has already been at MYJOK´s in Bilbao, at Panta Rhei´s in Madrid and Iguapop´s in Barcelona. There, apart from showing their drawings, they gave speeches, sang the Panda hymn and ask for a vote for Panda. Their campaign has not finished yet, though. In 2008, Vote panda election campaign will spread out all throughout Europe stopping in Paris and Amsterdam.
Remember... Do not vote blank, vote black and white. Vote Panda!