dunafelfedes, a public art project by: maider lópez curator: nemes attila   Budapest 15th of september 2007, 17:00

As illusionist, Maider Lopez has made people fill the space that was either empty or full with cars, coming and going. The artist does not hide any tricks. She asked citizens for help and involvement for this activity to become true. She made an appointment at the Chain bridge, where Buda and Pest meet together, and with the help of citizens, she made the bridge disappear. Distributing umbrellas of the color of the river and asking citizens of Budapest to fill the bridge, in a short period of time, they themselves became Danubio river, the one they love so much.
Besides being beautiful, poetic and playful, Maider Lopez´s work is productive in the sense that it shows citizens their possibilities and strength modifying the space of their city. This awareness becomes very productive in a society where life is more and more controlled and meassured.