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Bilbao Kolektibo Elektroniko·2007

Bike is not only a bike. It’s the name of the music and audio-visual association created in Bilbao. This is the album that they presented in Bilborock. Some members of the association are in it and this album is their means of presentation. Each has his particular style and work manners and they show the newest proposals in Bilbao and surrounding areas. They invite us to dance so we will keep time to their music.



Empire·Columbia 2007

This is a very controversial album. Christopher Karloff abandoned the group when they were about to start the recording of the album. On this second album, you cannot listen to Kasabian without feeling the influence of Primal Scream or The Faint. In addition to the great song, “Empire”, there are many good moments in songs like “By my side”. Jim Abiss (Artic Monkeys) is the producer of the album where he mixes pop, rock, psychedelic and electronic music.


clap your hands say yeah

Some Loud Thunder·Autoekoizpena 2007

The songs of this band from New York are marked by the voice of Alec Ounsworth. On this second album, the show the same impossible forms and sound changes. Although distortion takes the role on this album and it is not as easy to listen to as the first one, it has a great influence of the 60s. It is an album full of collages and songs like “Satan said dance” is one of the best moments of the album.


arcade fire

Neon Bible·Merge 2007

The album “Funeral” gained the respect, success and fidelity of many fans. There were many anthems on that album and they managed to get to the audience what they wanted to transmit. It’s not easy to do the same on the next album and this is what will happen to them. This doesn’t necessarily need to be bad, or, at least, this is what the rumor has. The band shows its evolution and this is one of the albums of the year.



Ezlekuak·Bidehuts 2007

Lisabo is like a hurricane on stage. It’s been a long time since we haven’t seen them on a stage. Once we knew that they would publish their new album, we had a concern: will they offer a concert? Yes. They already showed that intensity of the place before and now, we have the chance to feel in at home. They have created an initiative called Bidehuts as the publication of the album and although time has passed, they showed that time is on their side.



Grinderman·Mute 2007

Nick Cave is back to the harsh sounds on his new proposal. Protected by the musicians that he had around him, he presents some powerful and intense songs. It is a rock band that recorded the songs in a week and transmit that energy on them. They show this with the harsh side of the instruments and getting closer to punk.