sound map    The landscape: The general form of the soil in a region, settled by the geological forms, plants and human constructions, one that the eye can catch with a glimpse. In the official definition of landscape, just the vision is considered. However, our other senses get their own perception of the landscape. Each landscape has its own sound, which can be variable and different every time. And this diversity makes this landscape even more interesting. Sound maps were created to enjoy those sound landscapes.

The starting point of the Sound Map project was in 2001 with the sound recordings that the Mexican artist Luz Maria Sanchez made in the Basque Country. Audiolab collected the recordings that were made in Arteleku and created the Sound Map project. In addition to these recordings, the Sound Map mission still collects new ones. Hence, it keeps on completing the sound map. This map has its counterpart in different areas in the world. Thus, through the Internet, anybody can get the sounds that can be heard in other landscapes. And since this is an open project (under Creative Commons license), these sounds can be used and exchanged.