the balde: 5 years and 2 parties    The balde meets Entzun Party Atxo Fun Fun Durango (07/12/2006)
As is our yearly wont at the ever boring Durango Fair, we organised a little bit of a bash at the Atxo Fun Fun Tavern. We set the whole thing up with our buddies from over at Entzun. And what was initially sold as a fraternal gathering of the mags didn’t really last long. The two coordinators set up camp opposite the doorway and spent the whole night arguing whether the punters that walked thought he door were either “the balde” readers or the people who like looking at the nice colour pictures with the big words in “Entzun” (every party needs its dickheads.) The night was swallowed up by DJ Makala’s “blactronic”, DJ Marek’s “hardtronic”, the voice of “Marvin Konsul Gaye”, the graphic scenery of Dropezframes and Oswaldo’s Caribbean dry cocktails.

The balde’s 5th Anniversary. Arteleku (15/12/2006)
We decided to take a look at our inner self to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. A long, deep look, so we decided to have a great big dinner for friends and collaborators of the balde. A music-dinner.
Musician Carlos Belda recorded 9 pieces of music and he passed them on to chef Peru Almandoz. The pieces of music inspired him to come up with a menu of nine different dishes. And both of them came together for the anniversary dinner. After dinner entertainment was provided in the form of a concert by The Kermes. Neither of the coordinators from the balde and Entzun got up to any nonsense this time round (at least as far as we know), but as all parties need their dickheads this one was to be no different… the security guards at Arteleku came to our rescue and were right royal arsegons (once upon a time, there was a circussss...)
Thanks a million to Carlos for the sounds, to Urepel Restaurant for the grub, to members of La Kermés and to all of who were there as well as to friends and collaborators who couldn’t make it.