joan as policewoman, the only policewoman we love.    Even though this is her first album, Joan has a great impact in music. She was the leader of The Dumbuilders, Black Beetle and Those Bastards Souls. On the other hand, she is one of Antony’s Johnsons and she has played with Rufus Wainwright, The Scissors Sister, Lou Reed and Nick Cave. She played the wild violin in Nirvana’s About a Girl. She has just published her first solo album: Real Life. About music, reality and beauty.

"Because I don't have to deal with basic everyday survival, like killing for food and not freezing to death my music is about love and loss. Beyond that, it's about finding a way to be truthful with myself, after a really long time running away from myself. From becoming an adult, facing fears without fear, or with fear but being fine with it.

"I've called it Punk Rock R&B but American Soul Music is better, I feel like my music is the melding of the two styles I love most - Soul, that whole encompassing Al Green, Nina Simone and Isaac Hayes, and then all the stuff that came from Punk like The Smiths, the Grifters and Siouxsie Sioux..."

"...rock moved very easily into punk for me. I loved X, the Stooges, the Minutemen. In town there was an all-ages punk rock club, The Anthrax: thank god for this club! It changed my life."

"Beauty is the new punk rock. The general feeling these days, is trust no-one, all the media is lying to you...there's such a sense of distrust in the air. For me, the most subversive you can be these days is to be totally honest, and to really laud beauty".