audio elektro

Johnny Cash

American V: a hundred highways·Universal 2006

The man in black linked up with Rick Rubin for his last recordings. This is the last offering from the partnership. A sick Cash brings us versions of songs by the likes of Hank Williams, Don Gibson and Bruce Springsteen. Recently we have witnessed the release of biographies, new and re-releases and comics on the musician. Here we have another chance to enjoy the deep strong voice of the man on his last recording. Moving.


Sonic Youth

“Rather Ripped”·Geffen records 2006

The best record they’ve recorded over the last few years. They recently celebrated 25 years in the music biz and band-member for the last while, Jim O’Rourke, is now no longer part of the group. This doesn’t affect the freshness on show in the 12 songs on the record. They don’t drone on in the songs – three to four minutes of pop melodies. They’re as young as ever on this one. As Sonic as ever.


Primal Scream

Riot City Blues·Sony/Bmg 2006

Primal Scream released “Evil Heat” four years ago. This summer sees them back with the follow up: “Riot City Blues.” Dirty blues and rock. They waste no energy and their characteristic daring is strongly present. Even though the record has been lambasted in certain circles, Primal Scream are sticking to their guns and they feel no shame about what they’ve come up with on this record. We don’t get the large doses of electronica that we like so much, but it’s a record we can get off on and no doubt it’ll accompany us on manys a night of drunken debauchery.


Tv On The Radio

Return to Cookie Mountain·4 AD 2006

The band Tv On The Radio have come up with rather a dark release this time round. Painful yet attractive at the same time. Unbearable at times and essential at others. They’ve hit innovative gold once again with their mixture of different musical atmospheres, sometimes using electronica and sometimes using rock. Songs like “I was a lover” and “Hours start the record off” and “Wolf like me” and company carry it along. The chance to take that intergalactic journey without moving from your sofa this summer.



Edición Espacial 2003-2006 Recordings·Autoekoizpena

If you hadn’t heard of them yet, well, you’re late. This duo from Mendaro have put together a compilation of the recordings they have carried out over the last few years in their home studio. Long live technology! These shameless hussies mix rock and electronica. They’ve got their hands on Motorhead’s “Overkill” and they let vocal chords rip on “Monstruo Bicéfalo” and the like. If you want to get in touch with them or get your hands on the record, just head to Make sure your neighbours don’t find out you’re late!



Wolfmother.Island records.

This three-piece comes to us from Australia. 70s hard rock with touches of heavy metal are what they have to offer. It’s amazing just how much noise a three-piece can actually make. It’s like they were a couple more members in the band. They’ve drunk from the fonts of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath and it certainly comes through on listening to the record. Strength and energy power along big songs like “Woman” and “Pyramid.” They also give psychedelic nods and winks every now and again as well as a great deal of head-shaking and fists in the air. Wwwoooahhhhh!