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beautyfull fumetti txo!?   Gian Alfonso Pacinotti, Gipi was born in Pisa in 1963. After working as an illustrator for commercials, he started writing and drawing comics in 1992. Since then, his comics got many prizes. But we don’t care about this. We are concerned about his acute style for writing. We worry about the stories that tell street events in a direct and strong way. We care about the feelings, sensations and ideas that we feel when reading his stories. We are concerned that his stories look at daily reality. Gipi tells us about the moment about an event as tough as war or as common as life itself. And, with all these moments, we can make a huge story or an anecdotic event. No matter what he tells, he captures us in the pages with his drawings and narrations.
Luckily, we had the chance to read his collection in Spanish: Exterior noche, Apuntes para una historia de guerra and Los inocentes, the three of them published by Sins Entido. You can visit his blog (www.bacidallaprovincia.com, better if you speak Italian) and find many of his drawings and interesting things, such as: Stori verticalli, another interesting essay of a comic that cannot be fulfilled in paper because of the never ending height of the Internet.