big city lights    This is becoming more and more general. Gradually, they want to put our daily things under the law in this civilized Europe. They want to take us, the civilians, out of the streets and in order to achieve this, they want to run city spaces like parking lots: lines, time periods, measures, directions, installments. Order and uniformities. Now, there are some cities against the neon of the streets. They want to make the billboards and the lights of the shops disappear. Madrid is one of these (what will be Madrid without neon lights?). They want to turn 21st century cities into 19th century cities’ scale models.
Curiously the neon light was found in 19th century. It was shown in the universal exhibition in Paris and it was used for the first time in a barbershop in Paris. The basis of the neon light is simple. In order to get different colors, the appropriate gas has to be put inside the glass tube.
Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon.
Cities without neon aren’t real cities but mock cities that look to the past. Streets cannot be understood without the neon. They are already our natural environment. Even if it sounds like a contradiction, a city without neon would be artificial. What do our eyes look for when we want to find a pharmacy? or when want to rent a body? Or...