invisible sea lions odlok   I’m Nanook. A hunter and the star of the film. That’s why I’m carrying a harpoon in my hand.
In the last few days before winter, we set off to hunt some sea lions. We didn’t find a single one, so I just put on a bit of a show for the camera.
No sign of the sea lion. No sea dogs either.
I’m Nanook. The best hunter in the Itivimuit tribe, and on the day the photograph you see before you was taken, I still hadn’t starved to death. Not just yet. Having to hunt the invisible sea lion in the last few days before winter is never a good sign though.

Nanook was the star of the documentary Nanook of the North, filmed by Robert Flaherty in 1922. Nanook and his family died of hunger a few months after shooting finished. At the time thousands of people were lining up in Times Square, New York to see the film that showed how he lived.