I've put together a collection of underwear, using uniforms and clothes worn by surgeons and the like in operating theatres. The styles of the different garments are as varied as the last few different generations. From corsets to tangas and flimsly bras, my work is a metaphor of this change and the cultural and aesthetical rules of each pèriod are clear here, too. Operating theatre wear are an essential part of all of this. After all, these places have become very busy lately in shaping bodies to adorn tangas or whatever else necessary.
In the past this was the corset's job, but now it's the plastic surgeon's knife... we haven't really evolved all that much lately, even if the tanga has been a liberation on the underwear front when compared to the corset as far as health and economy are concerned.
Where is the real revolution? In accepting our bodies as they are.

project by: Tytti Thusberg