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frederik peeters. astiberri

The author of the graphic novel “Píldoras azules” surprises us now with a science fiction road movie. Although it is science fiction, there is no war between planets or green Martians. He talks about friendship, love and death without any kind of dramatic influence. The graphic novel “Lupus” is a collection of 4 album. We already read the first one and we are willing to read the second. Comics are a kind of drug.



Mute magazine analyses the relationships between art, technology and politics. Sometimes, there is a repetition of the damage of many intellectual productions: Because of a use of theoretical language, there is trouble with communication. However, it is an interesting magazine. Since 1994, Mute magazine is a platform that holds the changes of society and the variety of reactions those changes provoqued.


el barón rampante

italo calvino. siruela

It’s not a new book. Most of you have already read it. However, we think that as long as there is a single person who hasn’t read it, it’s worth keeping recommending it. According to critics, it might be not a big literary work, but as we aren’t critics but simple readers, we invite you to get back your teenage ability to fall in love with the stories of Cosimo and Viola. For those who want to complete the trilogy, they can read “El vizconde demediado” and “El caballero inexistente”. You won’t regret it!


han goitik itsasoa ikusten da

julen gabiria. elkar

We have read many articles about cycling in different newspapers and magazines by Julen Gabiria. Cycling can be a beautiful metaphor of life because in life, drama, romanticism, effort, passion and luck are taken to the limits, unlike in any other sport. However, things have changed in the last years. And so do in cycling. However, Gabiria proves that thanks to cyclists such asGino Bartali, there are some fix principles. Recommended for those who have sometime enjoyed riding a bike (is there anybody who hasen’t enjoyed riding a bike?).