Freedom Flies (or the tale of the hunted hunter).    The project of the extreme right wing volunteer group that “hunt” immigrants in the border between USA and Mexico named Minuteman Project has got a response from heaven. A group of MTI researchers has used an invention that was originally created for a military use with other aims: They will use kites to control the behavior of the military service that go out to hunt new immigrants. Freedom Flies is the name of this new project. Some cameras will be placed in these kites in order to record the movement of the groups and apart from recording the possible cases of violence, the aim of “Freedom Flies” is to put a big eye that sets pressure.

It is amazing the fact that, as mentioned, we already talked about the Minuteman Project in the past 22th copy. Before that, in the 20th copy of this magazine, we had an article about kites. Just a coincidence. Amazing. As the elements we use to create the balde are peculiarities and coincidences, we thought they were worth a comment.