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street jewels beruta   Humans have always used jewels to adorn and decorate. And they have turned many things into decorative objects: wood, stones, sea shells, metals, plastic or flowers... just to name a few. We put prized objects on strategic parts of our body to enhance them and to direct the looks of the person we have standing before us there; eyes flit to the neck, the breasts or the hands.
Liesbet Busche has adorned the streets of Amsterdam with necklaces, badges and earrings. The chains, bollards and construction sites of Amsterdam have never been so beautiful, and what's indisputable is that these everyday objects and places have never been the centre of such attention. As well as having demonstrated the power of jewels and trinkets, Busche has also managed to smash the body's heretofore exclusivity on these adornments. Why does it seem to make more sense when we see these objects against the background of our skin rather than we see them against city cement? It's just a matter of habit, nothing else.