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uharte kindergarten    Es pequeño, llueve dentro y hay hormigas.
Ante el miedo, uno se acurruca, se agrupa y se vuelve convencional.
Ante el miedo de proponer, uno no se atreve ni a mirar.
(F. Soriano)
Bad, really bad. I feel rotten!
The site is way too small and there’s no way the nursery is gonna fit!
A two-storey nursery, not good. A panoramic lift in the building and nothing to look at.
The façade: forty metres long by six of cinema glass and thick untreated iron plaques, bad.
Grass on the roof... and it’s artificial.

There are no toys in the playground. Gorriti has made a gift of some blue trees. Arrleku have offered a 14 x 5mt cloth tent. Juantxo looked after the structure for the canopy, for nothing. The small pine trunks protect the small metal hems, but the bark is falling off them, bad.
There’s no gate in the Patio, there’s a chair, a bench actually. It’s made of metal and has wheels. It’ll realy heat up in th esun. The kids will clamber all over it, burn themselves and fall off. Bad.
When it rains, puddles form everywhere, the grass wets and dirties. Bad.
The fuse box isn’t where it’s supoosed to be, it’s too big. Gorriti stuck a door on it, painted it. The warning sign isn’t the mandatory one either. Well, Fermin Kapeto did make it, didn’t he?
The kids stay away from the cracked fencing. They don’t like the colour.
The colour. The ground is black, the walls are black, the doors are black. The inspector doesn’t like it. Bad.
On the other hand, on the first floor, the floor is white, the walls are white, dirty, shoes have to be covered. Bad.
The colour of the sky, no curtains-colour. 28 Wooden window-shutters from the 15th Century painted by Gorriti. 28 tales. Electronic!
There are no curtains, the kids can’t have an afternoon nap. Silver-coloured curtains with serigraphied trees had been designed, as had been brightlycoloured military camouflage netsand neon lights. But the money ran out.
The sky is cloudy and the roof is a metallic cloud. The cloud was movable all the same. It had two wheels and it moved on two metal beams, motor and all. Bad.
A net is missing from the metal cloud. It’s full of grass and leaves. Just the shell of the structure, like autumn, weightless, like it’ll be blown away when a wind arises. Bad.
They don’t remember that on the giant glass screen of the façade will be used to screen films for the local villagers every week.
Don't worry. Everything's just fine. Just fine

Xabier Arruabarrena & Jabier Lekuona
Assistants: Ibon Telleria (blueprint) and Maider Larriba (building project).
Mikel Telletxea, Iñaki Egues, Julen Lekuona, Andoni Larralde, Maria Fagoaga,
Artists and metalworkers: Juan Gorriti, Larunbe, Juantxo
Model: Iñigo Telletxea