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goitiberak tzela   I  angul "San Fermin txikito" holds great attraction. The streets in the old part of Iruñea get really crowded and there is a very local a good atmosphere.
In the last few years there has been a special event that attracts more and more people each time: the "Goitibera" competition. With great imagination and bravery, many young and not so young people go down Caballo Blanco slope in roughly made furniture specially designed for this crazy descending. They are just accompanied by gravity, balance and their skill to “drive”.
We can find many kinds of competitors: On one hand, those who want to go down as fast as possible in a comfortable way. On the other hand, those who take part in vehicles that cause noisy laughs and applauses among spectators.
In our old times, this competition had a deep tradition. Nowadays, every child has a bicycle or motorcycle. But in those days, that are not so long ago, children satiated their need to go down a slope with vehicles made with poor resources. Nowadays, this "Goitibera" competition held in towns and cities should be given the status of World Heritage Site by the United Nations.