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infiltration.org the balde   The slogan used by the wee mag published by this worldwide infiltration network infiltration.org neatly sums up the philosophy of the people behind infiltration.org.
infiltration.org is an organisation involved in urban exploration. It�s open to anybody who wants to take part and the only thing you have to do is exactly what is says in the slogan: go places you�re not supposed to. We here in The Basque Country have historically been very adept at developing methods of infiltration. Demos, insumisos, the ecologists and anti-militarists who break into the firing and bombing range in The Bardenas, mountaineers who knock out TV broadcasting aerials on mountain-tops, solidarity groups, the artist who hung his own work in the Guggenheim Museum and a host of other groups and people have used infiltration in their demands and reclamations. At infiltration.org however, the importance of the actual infiltration itself is what is being lauded. We are all infiltrators. We�ve all �bunked� into a place they wouldn�t let us into before.
Infiltration.org underlines the importance of such acts and spreads the word about them. In order to do so, it has researched and compiled a catalogue of prohibition signs, investigated various buildings, put together a special infiltration dictionary, etc� Public organisations, the underground, churches, museums, military no-go areas, nuclear� The subversion and law-breaking of getting yourself into prohibited places is a victory in this society that tries to tie us down more and more. There are no rules to infiltration, but it plays to keep your hands clean. Infiltration is violence against the concept of prohibited no-go areas. It is not against people or objects. It is in that sense that infiltration is an elegant, white-gloved proclamation by infiltration.org against the idea of prohibited entrance.

there are no boundaries to infiltration
Infiltraton.org has links to urban exploration groups all over the world. We came across the following link at the section marked �Basque Country�. At this web address you�ll find an interesting urban exploration project in Bilbo. But it�s not the only one. There are still many unexplored places. In addition to all the official and military organisations, there�s the Lemoiz Nuclear Power Plant, the baths at Uberuaga, the EHU (The University of The Basque Country), the Tabacalera building (National Tobacco Co.), the Opus Dei Torreciudad�The revolutionary urban exploration cause is calling more and more people to its ranks. Follow the links and conquer the free spaces all over the world.