boat beam: siren songs    Boat Beam... where did you get the name from?

It's a mixture of different stories. From an expedition to the Antarctic, from an expression used in English, but above all else we had the agreeable image of a single boat sailing on the sea, in the dark, a boat that sees its way using a single beam of light.

An Australian (Josephine), a woman from the States (Alisha) and a Spaniard (Aurora), –on the promotional sheet itself it says this isn't a joke– how did you meet each other?

Alisha and I worked in the same place and finally I asked her if she wanted to record some songs and after a concert by another group I was playing with we started playing, and later on Aurora came, it all happened to us after a concert. We kept on playing together, songs came about and that's how Boat Beam was born.

You recorded this work between Madrid and Sydney... in such far-away cities, what was it like making this “antipodean” recording?

It was tough but also a great pleasure. While I was on tour with my previous group I lived in between he two cities. I made the most of my time in each place to compose, arrange and record.

Your music reflects happiness and sadness at the same time. Compared with some other groups you have different influences, but at the same time we think you have your own sound. Would you dare to define what you do?

We try to mix the things we like best. We create rhythms for the melodies and emotions that strike us and, at the same time, we use strange and interesting lyrics, things other people haven't found. We experiment with difficult dissonances and rhythms, but we want the listeners to always enjoy beautiful sensations.

This is your first disk –although that seems unlikely– and this gives us the chance to hear your music, but what are Boat Beam like live?

The three of us play different instruments, viola, cello, acoustic guitar, piano and voices. I like playing less instruments than there are on the disk and we'll never feel saturated. There is still room in the sound and even the smallest details of the viola and cello can be heard. Even so, in the future we'll add further elements so we can always offer our listeners something new and different.

In our editorial office one of us listens to garage bands, there are hip-hop fans, people who like Duran Duran and there are also people who listen to Kiss FM so why do we listen to your record again and again?

Because it's very good! That's a joke. It could be because we listen to all those styles and you can hear their influence in our music. All styles have something that's worthwhile and I also try to create things that many people can like.